Photo Dump: The Expendables

27 07 2009

The Expendables

If action films are a drug, than the cast of the upcoming film The Expendables should make for a peyote trip through the desert followed up by three hits of extasy. For those that are unaware, the film, written, directed and starring Sly Stallone, boasts Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Micky Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Roberts, Terry Crewes, Steve Austin and Randy Couture. I’ll let that soak in for a moment…

Okay, hopefully we have regained consciousness and can now continue. Six new photos have popped up showing everyone what action stars to best: shoot, plan, threaten, drive, plan some more and…get tattoos from Mickey Rourke. Check them out after the jump.

Jet LiTerry Crews, Jason Statham, Slyvester Stalone, Randy Couture and Jet LiEric Robers and Gisele ItieJason Statham 1Slyvester Stalone and Jason StathamMicky Rourke and Slyvester Stalone




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