Has the New Kato Been Found?

28 07 2009


Since Stephen Chow officially announced that he would no longer be playing Kato in Michel Gondry and Seth Rogan’s The Green Hornet, a search has been on to find the actor that can fit into Bruce Lee’s shoes for the remake. According to Latino Review, that actor may have been found:

Now, according to various Asian news outlets, it seems that a popular South Korean actor by the name of Kwon Sang-woo is currently in talks for the part.Kwon not only boasts a history of martial-arts-heavy roles, he also has the distinction of being both built and attractive. Yes, I took one for the team and spent 10 minutes with Google Images making sure that Kwon had what it takes and I heartily support him for the part — broken English or not.

I decided that it was my journalistic duty to follow up and perform the same google image search as Ms. Blaber. It took me three pages to find a picture of him doing anything physical, but the picture was preceded and surrounded by male modeling photos. Adding to that, Kwon does not have much acting experience, appearing in only 10 films so far in his career. I loved the idea of Chow because, knowing what he is used to, he would have been as much a collaborator as an actor. Let’s put a wait and see tag on this.

Kwon Kick




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