Viral: Has Launched

30 07 2009

Stark Industries Now

It is now more common than  not that a comic book/sci fi/action film will have a viral marketing scheme to go alongside it (see: The Dark Knight, District 9, TRON Legacy, etc). Now on that list, thanks to some digging from /Film‘s Peter Sciretta, includes Iron Man 2. Here are the details as to how the viral was launched at Comic-Con.

“You might not have noticed, but at Comic-Con Marvel launched a viral for Iron Man 2. For those of you who didn’t hit up the show floor, the Iron Man 2 section was set-up like Stark Industries, complete with “assistants” handing out business cards for those interested in a job. The cards directed con attendees to the website”

Now on the front page is what appears to be a coffee-stained press release from Tony Stark reading “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WE NO LONGER MAKE WEAPONS! SINCERELY, Tony Stark (Pepper, pls. post exactly as is!)” There is also a link where you can join Stark Industries by filling out an application. Love to see that in this economic climate that one company is still hiring. As a writer on this site, I feel obligated to apply and let you all know what happens.

Check out the site at




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