Rob Marshall in Talks To Direct Next Pirates

31 07 2009


Despite the fact that the two Pirates sequels were a complete disappointment after the surprisingly good first, Disney is pushing forward with another Pirates of the Caribbean film, this time without Gore Verbinski, who is busy working on Bioshock, based on the videogame of same name, and Rango, a family film starring Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy (both of who starred in the first Pirates sequel) . So who is the guy to steer the ship? Apparently, it is Chicago director Rob Marshall who, according to Mike Fleming at Variety, is all but a shoe-in.

The choice is interesting to say the least. Marshall, whose biggest successes are the aforementioned Chicago and Memoirs of a Geisha, is best known for transferring musical theater to the screen, directing a TV adaptation of Annie in 1999 and has Nine, based on the Broadway play, coming out later this year. What comes with filming musicals, however, is an eye for spectacle, which will come in handy for a large-scale Disney franchise like Pirates. As many can attest, I am not the biggest fan of musical theatre or musicals in general, but the move seems smart. Now all they have to do is find a story that is actually worth telling…




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