Netflix Coming To Your iPhone

4 08 2009

Netflix is reportedly developing an official iPhone app that could further change the way we watch movies. While there are 3rd party apps that allow you to manage your queue already, this official version according to Multichannel News will also offer the Watch Instantly feature as well.

The DVD rental service revolutionized the game when it came out with the successful concept of home delivery (and effectively kill Blockbuster) and has been ahead of the curve with streaming movies as well. It’s just a matter of time before (legally) downloading movies becomes the mainstream way to watch, and by offering services on portable devices as well as XBox 360 and other internet connected devices, the king of the hill is working on keeping the crown. This app just might be the one that pushes me to get in on an iPhone.

P.S. Thanks to /film for the picture




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19 08 2009
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[…] of technology that makes the need to leave your home to watch a movie a thing of the past. Netflix already has similar plans in the works to make their Watch Instantly library accessible to iPhone users. Blockbuster is also […]

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