Doug Liman Is…An Action Hero?

6 08 2009

Doug Liman(This goofy-looking guy saves lives)

Not in the film world, of course. He’s a director. That apparently didn’t stop him, though, because he helped three people when their speedboat was hit by a cargo ship. From The Huffington Post:

Hollywood director Doug Liman was out on his sailboat with friends early Wednesday morning when he saw the black cargo ship on a collision course. He says he watched in horror as the ship crashed into the speedboat and kept going.

Within seconds, the director says he motored to the scene and plucked three passengers out of the water. Liman says it was a “a close call” for the passengers who survived the crash with just minor injuries.

I could name ten people I know personally that wouldn’t do this. That is pretty cool. Only real shame here is that Liman couldn’t stop his career from drowning by not directing Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Jumper and two episodes of “The OC.” Still, you have to love Go, Swingers, and The Bourne Identity. Those movies are slices of fried gold.




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