Iron Man 2: Possible Casting Spoilers!

10 08 2009

Click after the jump for rumored casting news for the Iron Man sequel… Potential Spoiler Alert!

Nuke The Fridge is reporting that according to their sources, the same ones who gave them the scoop on Stan Lee’s cameo, that Edward Norton will appear as both Bruce Banner and the Hulk in the new Iron Man movie. This is seemingly backed up by the film’s imdb page which also lists Norton.

Now for the record while film’s are in production, the casting list on imdb should be subject to Wikipedia standards of doubt and this is just a rumor. If true however, Iron Man could be getting even bigger by the day and may signal Norton being on board for The Avengers movie as well.

Ed Norton in Iron Man 2



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16 09 2009
Sad Face: Norton Out of Iron Man 2 « Geek on Film

[…] my heart sinking into my chest. This news comes despite the fact that IMDb has Edward Norton on the cast list (still does), but, unfortunately,  the database has never been the most reliable of sources for […]

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