Weekend Winners

10 08 2009

People don’t listen. Despite my begging and pleading, the worst film that premiered last Friday swept the box office and left me crying into my pillow. See this weekend’s top five after the jump:

1. G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra – $56.2 million – The movie starring a tree and Ms. Child-Genius-Big-Breasted-Scientist won the weekend. Goddammit.

2. Julie and Julia – $20.1 million – This is news to me, but apparently people like guns and violence over Meryl Streep in a kitchen. Who knew?

3. G-Force – $9.8 million – I wasn’t aware that gun-toting guinea pigs were in such high demand. I need to go to the pet store…

4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – $8.9 million – Another 50% drop for the wizard movie and it’s only in its fourth week. Who could have predicted that it would fade this fast?

5. Funny People – $7.9 million – Speaking of large drops… I guess real comedy couldn’t compete with unintended hilarity.




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