WTF: The Star Wars Room

18 08 2009


I consider myself a Star Wars fan. When I was a kid and the original films were re-released in theaters, I was completely caught up in it, buying the action figures, trading cards, you name it. I even still have a Boba Fett figurine on top of my DVD collection. Like any staple of pop culture, however, some take it a bit too far. With that, I introduce Cho Woong.

As you can see in the picture above and in the many pictures below the jump, Woong crosses that ever-so-thin line between fan and fanatic. By my count, Woong has at least 77 lightsabers, 7 full-size busts, 10 mini-busts, 11 ship models, 7 blasters, and what must be hundreds if not thousands of action-figures and statues. I don’t speak Korean, but I am sure some of the stuff is authentic, as I find it hard to believe that anyone would spend that much money and not get some of the actual props.

The lengths that Woong has gone are nothing short of astounding and I am sure that your mouth will gape when you check out the full room. I have thumbnailed many of the pics below the jump, but jump over to Woong’s site to see them all.

Link: The Star Wars Room




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