Bad Boys 3 On The Way?

3 09 2009

In what is more of a speculative move, Columbia Pictures has hired The Town screenwriter Peter Craig to work on a script for Bad Boys 3 according to The Hollywood Reporter. At this point neither Will Smith, Martin Lawrence or Michael Bay are attached, but the hope from the studio is to bring all parties back on board in addition to producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

I would expect the money (particularly for Smith and Bay) will get worked out somehow and the movie will actually happen. On principle I probably should tell you to stay away from another Michael Bay movie, but I’m not going that route with this one. Bay isn’t ruining any cherished childhood memories or historical events with this one. For better or worse, Bad Boys is his baby and it’s the movie that really launched Will Smith as an action hero and leading man. Granted, Bad Boys II was what pushed Bay into his own universe of blowing stuff up, but it’s a franchise that ultimately succeeds or fails on its own merits nothing more. If you’re going to have a good time watching Will Smith and Martin Lawrence wreck havoc in Miami you’re excited, and if not well… you should probably know enough to stay away from Michael Bay movies anyway.




One response

3 09 2009
Action Flick Chick

Bad Boys 2 was a lot of fun. I’ve been glad to hear that they’re seriously trying to get Bad Boys 3 rolling.

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