LeBron James Gets His First Feature Film

18 09 2009

NBA Superstar LeBron James has signed on to Universal Pictures/Imagine Entertainment Fantasy Basketball Camp. The comedy according to Variety centers on “five guys from different backgrounds who come to Vegas to live out their fantasy by attending the LeBron James Adult Basketball Camp,” the campers then drag Lebron into various aspects of their everyday lives. Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel the writing team behind City Slickers and A League of Their Own are attached for the screenplay.

This sounds like the ill-advised lovechild between Celtic Pride and Like Mike with LeBron playing Damon Wayans. From his stint hosting Saturday Night Live and various media appearances, you can tell that James is a very charismatic and funny guy in real life. That doesn’t necessarily translate to the big screen, and I wouldn’t call producer Brian Grazer’s comparisons to Eminem in 8 Mile a ringing endorsement. The again James might turn out to be a revelation and blow away anyone’s expectations as an actor, but that won’t be enough to save this movie which even as a premise is more sitcom than full-length movie. That being said, if Lebron is thinking about any kind of move might I suggest the Knicks. He’d get plenty of exposure and wouldn’t have to jump into bad movies to do it.




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