Full of Awesome: TRON Legacy Theme From Daft Punk

23 09 2009

Tron Legacy

Do you remember July 27th? Of course you don’t because TV has reduced the worldwide attention span to…oh look, a kitten. Sorry. Anyway, our fifth post EVER was a wrap up of the San Diego Comic-Con and one of the things we went over was the premiere of the trailer for TRON Legacy. In the two months since then, with the exception of a couple mentions here or there, nothing has come up about the project…until now…and its AWESOME.

YouTube user Ipnotik02 has been wonderful enough to upload the new theme for the film composed by Daft Punk and it is everything it should be. If it weren’t attached to something so geeky it would probably end up being played in night clubs across the land. Hell, who are we kidding? This song is too awesome not to be played everywhere. Not since “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” by  Tomoyasu Hotei off the Kill Bill soundtrack has a new song gotten me so pumped. Here it is:

BONUS ROUND: Another YouTube user, LAmezq3984, has spliced the theme in with the trailer for full effect and it is as cool as a leather jacket and aviators in middle school. It’s a good day to be a geek.

(Thanks to IWatchStuff)




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6 10 2009
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