Cronenberg To Remake…Cronenberg

24 09 2009

The Fly

I watched David Cronenberg’s The Fly under the impression that it was something like Vincent Price’s The Fly – human head on fly body, caught in a spider-web and shrieking “Help me, help me!” blah blah blah. Instead I was treated with what was quite possibly the most horrific and disgusting piece of cinema that I had ever witnessed…and I loved every minute of it. And now it appears that magic is returning with the same director attached. From Risky Biz Blog:

The auteur is in talks to develop a reboot of the 1986 classic with Fox, the studio that released that film, writing and potentially directing the new pic.

The move marks an about-face for the Canadian director, who in the past has said he did not want to be involved on a remake of the film. Cronenberg did work on an opera version of “The Fly” that was staged first in Paris and then in Los Angeles.

…The project would represent a chance for Cronenberg to return to a film that helped establish his career, but to do so in the effects age, using techniques that weren’t possible nearly a quarter-century ago.

What’s that? You’ve never seen David Cronenberg’s The Fly? Oh…you have, but you don’t want to remember it because it was so epically disgusting? Well, perhaps these photos will help erase the memory.

And guess what? New technology is going to make it even worse! Hooray!




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