Ghost Rider 2 is a Go, Three Other Ill-Advised Marvel Reboots On The Way

24 09 2009

Ghost Rider - Fantastic Four - Silver Surfer - Daredevil

Is there a psychological condition out there in which the patient presents the need to throw all of their belongings, including the crap they find in their garage, on to big silver screens? If not, I’m giving it a name now: Marvel Disorder. Many of you might say that outside studios are the real enemy here (as Marvel Studios has yet to make a bad film), but Marvel sold the rights to some of our favorite characters and they should have known better. Now, it looks as though Columbia and Fox will be reaching into the well of comic-book disasters to disappoint us again, with the former digging up Ghost Rider and the latter bringing back The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and creating a spin-off for The Silver Surfer.

I’ll start with the worst, and biggest, news first so that you will experience so much pain that the remaining news will seem insignificant by comparison. Variety is reporting that, despite it being one of the worst comic-book film ever made (alongside the 1994  Fantastic 4 and 1990 Captain America movies), there will be a sequel to Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage returning to the role of Johnny Blaze. David S. Goyer, an actually positive name in all this, will be heading up the script, but the three-headed Satan spawn known as Avi Arad, Michael De Luca and Steven Paul will be producing. Let’s take this one-by-one, shall we?

Avi Arad – Despite being behind many of the great Marvel films to come out over the last decade, it was his heavy-handed approach that many fans believe sank one of the greatest Marvel franchises: Spider-Man. Arad also had his hand in both Fantastic Four movies, Elektra, Daredevil and Hulk.

Michael De Luca – De Luca’s last four films have been: The Love Guru, 21, Ghost Rider and Zathura. Enough said

Steven Paul – Not only was Paul a producer on the original Ghost Rider, like the other two, but also sports a resume that includes Bratz, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, and Big Stan, also known as the most recent Rob Schneider movie.

As of now, it is expected, especially with someone like Goyer with the pen, that the movie will be a total reboot and completely ignore everything in the first movie. While this is certainly a step in the right direction, it does not solve the film’s number one issue: Nicolas Cage.

The man is an Oscar winner and certainly used to be a respectable actor, but if the lead actor is laughing as his head is catching on fire, the man should not be back for the sequel. (By the way, the above clip was actually posted by the film’s marketing team to help promote the film. I am not kidding)

Speaking of the need to recast, Fox is pushing forward with their reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise with former TV and current Green Lantern writer Michael Green as the scribe. One sentence that can fix all of the Fantastic Four’s problems: get rid of Alba, Evans and Gruffudd in that order and hire real actors for the parts.

Moving on, while we have known that Ghost Rider and the Fantastic Four were going to get further treatments, a new Daredevil project and a Silver Surfer spin-off confirmation is more project announcement news than production news. Unlike the previous two, we can probably expect some cast changes. Seemingly more focused on career as a director than being an actor, it is hard to believe that Affleck will return to a role that made him the laughing stock of Hollywood and we can only pray that Jennifer Garner feels the same way about possibly returning as Elektra. As for Doug Jones, his previous work, particularly with Guillermo del Toro, is incredible, but don’t expect a studio like Fox to let a no-name actor take the leading role in a superhero franchise (even if said hero is more silver blob than person). Prepare for the day that Channing Tatum or Hayden Christensen rides the board, my fellow geeks. It isn’t too far off.




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