Disney Comes To Its Senses On Anne Frank Film

29 09 2009

In a move that surprises no one, Disney has decided that David Mamet’s take on The Diary of Anne Frank is “too dark” and unfriendly for the studio. We were as surprised as anyone when the announcement was made that the profane writer/director behind Glengarry Glen Ross was handed the sensitive story of the holocaust in the first place, but after a look at where the movie was going, Disney quickly put the project in turnaround a month after it was announced.

Instead of a remake of The Diary of Anne Frank itself, Mamet planned on turning it into a modern exploration of anti-Semitism and learns about suicide bombers according to The Wrap. Not surprisingly, Disney decided this darker and political explosive issue was not the direction they were looking for and halted production. You almost have to wonder if Disney knew who Mamet was before hiring him to work on the film if they’re shocked he took it to a dark and intensely uncomfortable place.




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