Predators: Trejo, Dogs and Falcons Oh My!

30 09 2009


Although he should be directing Sin City 2 instead of rebooting an over-done franchise, news has come regarding Robert Rodriguez’ Predators involving the casting of a Rodriguez regular and reactions from the first look at the script.

First off, Danny Trejo, who has done seven films with Rodriguez, including the fake trailer and upcoming feature Machete, is the first announced actor in the film, revealed in an interview with Punch Drunk Critics, playing a character named Cuchillo, one of the eight humans stranded on the predator homeworld. Despite the fact that he plays the same character in every film (particularly when working with Rodriguez), it is hard not to love an actor like Trejo who could make most movie “hard-asses” cry in a corner. His character, according to reports (see below) has two uzis strapped to his back and I’m looking forward to seeing him use them

As for the script, LatinoReview has had the chance to look at a recent draft of the script, written by Alex Litvak and Michael Finch based on a script written by Rodriguez and their first reaction is immensely positive. According to the site, the film takes place on the Predator home world where eight humans from all across Earth have been taken and are being hunted. What’s more, it appears that the Predator that we know is not the only creature that resides there, but also predator falcons and predator dogs also roam the forests, as well as a “predator jacked up on steriods” that is being called the “Black Super Predator.” Check out the video below to hear all the details.

Vodpod videos no longer available.




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2 10 2009
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18 07 2010
vince gonzalez

I have always been a Predator since the begining the character played well in the first and so carried on in the second and the Aliens /vs Pedator that was even intreging now this latest. This will show planet earth’s badass predators and just what they are capable of. Lookinf forward to mayhem on planet Predator.

Vince Gonzalez

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