Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Back To Kicking Ass

1 10 2009

Finally, The Rock has come back to action movies. After several turns in Disney kiddie movies, Dwayne Johnson is coming back to his roots and expected to star in the action film Faster. According to Variety, Johnson is in final negotiations to join the action-drama directed by George Tillman Jr. He would play an ex-convict seeking revenge for the murder of his brother when they were double-crossed. Tillman, who last directed Notorious, is stepping in for Phil Joanou (Gridiron Gang) who dropped out months ago.

Unfortunately this sounds like your standard, action movie setup, but I’m glad to see the promising star get back to what he does best. While I wouldn’t go as far as to call him a thespian, Johnson has tons of charisma and the dedication to be a top tier action guy. Hopefully he takes some more mature roles that push him as an actor and we could really have something.

Seriously, unless his agent is still Chili Palmer someone has got to convince him to take some better scripts. At least we won’t have to see anything like The Tooth Fairy again for a while… at least I hope not.




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