Photo Dump: Clash Of The Titans

5 10 2009

Clash Of The Titans

Louis Leterrier’s Clash of the Titans looks like it’s going to give the 1981 original a swift kick in the pants. The first set photos of Sam Worthington as Perseus (courtesy of Empire) match the director’s promise of a grittier and more human story while giving the classic tale the respect it deserves. Lately, almost every director promises their modernization will be “darker and gritty” but in this case it’s actually warranted. If you remember seeing the Godzilla-like Kraken or just read Eric making fun of it in his review of Predator, you realize the pointless attempt at stop-motion special effects in that movie turned into more camp than it should have been. These stills set the tone for a movie that matches the myth, even though I’m not fully sold on Liam Neeson’s Zeus garb (via EW).

Photos after the jump.




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