Trailer: Shutter Island

5 10 2009

Shutter Island

Perhaps just to torture us, Apple released the newest trailer for Shutter Island last Friday – which was scheduled to be the films original release date before Paramount was forced to push it back to February due to the financial crisis. Somehow the newest trailer actually ups the creepy level from the previous one (that was possible?) mostly by giving us a better look at Elias Koteas (for the last time, that’s not DeNiro) and Jackie Earle Haley’s character. Prepare to curse and slam your fist with the final title card.

Vodpod videos no longer available.




One response

11 03 2010

It’s not De Niro, no, but damn hard to believe! Silly thing is Elias Koteas looks nothing like Bob when you see him in normal publicity shots. It doesn’t matter how hard I stare at this pic I still can’t believe it’s not him (De Niro, I mean).

Nice site, by the way. great design, apart from the comments right at the top below the search box – they extend right outside the of the sidebar in FF.

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