That’s What She Said: Year One Synopsis

6 10 2009

Every now and then we come across something that sums up our feelings so well we could not have said it better ourselves. This gem of a bootleg DVD synopsis comes via Filmdrunk so don’t forget to head there for the full story, but it expresses our thoughts on Year One perfectly.

“Jack Black and Michael Cera playing themselves, yeah, where was that even considered funny? Now I absolutely adore these actors, Michael was a great choice in Superbad and Juno and Jack Black has proved he can do great comedy like Tropic Thunder and a good dramatic role like King Kong, even a more calm character like he played in The Holiday. But the main problem? They have no chemistry! You have this wild outgoing maniac who is eating poop(eeeew!) and the calm awkward overly shy nerd who pees on himself(eeew!) and what do you have? Every elementary school joke that could be put into a movie, Year One could have been written by a five year old and proves that top list actors will do anything for those millions that they make.”

Now that’s how you sell a movie! Until next time, that’s what she said, because Michael Scott is always funny.




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