Wesley Snipes To Play The Game Of Death

8 10 2009

Wesley Snipes, back from his legal troubles with the FBI, is reuniting with director Abel Ferrara for a starring role in the upcoming Game of Death. Snipes who also has a role in the yet to be released Brooklyn’s Finest by Antoine Fuqua, last worked with Ferrara in 1990’s cult-flick King of New York. It’s been five years since audiences got to see the actor on the big screen and followers of The Wesley Snipes Way are sure to be rejoicing.

As reported by Variety, filming for Game of Death starts this week in Detroit. It is unclear on whether this is a reimagining of the Bruce Lee Game of Death where the martial arts master had to climb a pagoda facing off against a “boss” of each level. But judging by the brief information provided it certainly could be. Snipes will play a politicians bodyguard who has to protect his client from five of the best assassins in the world. Zoe Bell and Robert Davi are co-starring at this point. with James Agnew writing the script.

If it is a remake, I’m just hoping the final battle for Snipes is as good as Bruce Lee against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Wesley Snipes vs. Shaq? Yao Ming? Ok, maybe that’s a bit too ridiculous, but Ferrara has solid credentials for surprisingly good, if overly stylized tales like this, and I’m definitely interested to see where this movie goes.

Final fight scene from Bruce Lee’s Game of Death




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