Jeffrey Dean Morgan On Red Dawn Remake, Wolverines!

9 10 2009

The 1980s were a simpler time when a group of untrained high schoolers could take down an elite squadron of paratroopers… or at least that’s what Red Dawn brought me up believing. Jeffrey Dean Morgan sat down with MTV recently to explain why it’s time for a new generation of kids to learn that lesson.

“I remember seeing it and loving it. It was one of those great popcorn action movies. A bunch of great young actors were in it at the time. This is the same deal. It’s a reboot. It’s really fast, smart, hard action. Great young cast of actors.”

Morgan is playing Lt. Col. Andrew Tanner, the military advisor of the Wolverines, a band of survivors from the local high school dedicated to fighting the invasion. Russia has been replaced by China as the communist terror in the remake, something long predicted by Eric Cartman. Chris Hernsworth, who played Capt. Kirk’s father in this summer’s Star Trek and will be playing the lead in Thor, steps in for Patrick Swayze as Jed Eckert. Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights) and Josh Peck (The Wackness) also co-star.

Politics aside, Red Dawn is one of those products of 1980s that can’t, and probably shouldn’t be explained, and is just understood on its own merits. Incredibly, it was the first ever PG-13 movie in the U.S. and at the time considered by the Guinness Book of Records the most violent movie of all-time. These days it seems rather tame, so I wonder if Morgan’s promise that the movie will be “hard” will send the remake rocketing up the charts as well. I have my doubts that this will work out, because it was such an 80s movie, but we’ll see.




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