Weekend Preview: Educated Couples with Good Hair

9 10 2009

The second weekend of October brings us only one wide release, and its not Where The Wild Things Are, so I don’t care. Blissfully, there are a couple of pretty good choices in limited release to whet your appetites. Your weekend preview after the jump.

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Marlon Wayans In Talks To Star In Richard Pryor Biopic

7 10 2009

Wayans to star as Pryor

According to MTV‘s movie blog, Marlon Wayans is in talks to star in the upcoming biopic Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? as the late comedian. The film being developed by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison label at Sony, was rumored earlier this year to have Eddie Murphy in the lead role, reuniting him with director Bill Condon who worked with the star on Dreamgirls. Murphy however is out, and it looks like Wayans, best known for slapstick humor roles with his brother Shawn, may be in. Read the rest of this entry »

Oprah And Chris Rock Want To Be My Black Friend

6 10 2009

Oprah’s Harpo Films studio is developing the comedy Will You Be My Black Friend? with Chris Rock set to star. THR reports the movie is based on a November GQ article written by Devin Friedman who went on a quest for black friends on Craigslist. Lionsgate will be handling the distribution.

I love Chris Rock, but this sounds more like a decent skit than a movie. The article was an interesting premise, but when you’re looking at the way race plays out in the U.S., real life is always more interesting the fiction. Then again, if its anything like Larry David living with the Blacks on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I’m in. I could definitely watch 90 minutes of David and Leon, and Rock has been getting back to his sharp, biting wit of late, so maybe I’m selling this one short.

Trailer: Good Hair

6 08 2009

Michael Moore did it with politics, Bill Maher did it with religion, and now Chris Rock is going on the road with a hard-hitting look at… hair? Good Hair to be exact is the comedian’s entry to the Sundance Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize winner for U.S. documentary explores the cultural implications of hair among African Americans. Featuring Rock’s incisive wit and celebrity spots from Ice-T, Beyonce, Al Sharpton, Paul Mooney and Maya Angelou (among scores of others) this $9 billion a year industry will be turned inside out. This absolutely looks like a must see if you’re at all a fan of Chris Rock and especially if you’re concerned about the stigma associated with Black hair care.

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