Weekend Preview: Educated Couples with Good Hair

9 10 2009

The second weekend of October brings us only one wide release, and its not Where The Wild Things Are, so I don’t care. Blissfully, there are a couple of pretty good choices in limited release to whet your appetites. Your weekend preview after the jump.

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Trailer: An Education (International)

27 08 2009

An Education

A movie about music from the writer of High Fidelity? Yes please!

Actually, that is a totally unfair sell as this is a movie about a young British girl who has led a cushy life until she meets a rebel (Peter Sarsgaard with a British accent? Whoa) who teaches her to  study at “the university of life.”

Despite how incredibly boring that sounds, the cast is absolutely stacked with some fantastic actors not limited to Alfred Molina, Rosamund Pike, Oliva Williams, Emma Thompson and the before mentioned Sarsgaard. Variety voted the script as the best unproduced British screenplay of 2007, so it may end up actually being fairly high quality. See for yourself after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »