Watch It!: Star Wars: Uncut Trailer

9 10 2009

Star Wars Uncut

In what is at once, of the cooler and geekier ideas to come around in a while, Star Wars: Uncut is giving fans the chance to remake A New Hope, 15 seconds at a time. Here’s the deal 472 people call a 15-second clip of the movieĀ  to make their own, filming it however the see fit, and at the end, you’ve got an interesting new take on one of the most influential films of all time. The trailer seen after the break is one of those moments that can’t help but touch my inner geek. I just hope George Lucas doesn’t decide to shut the whole thing down. Hit the jump for the video and hurry to the site if you want to claim your clip. Read the rest of this entry »


Indiana Jones 5 On The Way

15 09 2009

It was inevitable. Despite the negative critical and fan reaction (see, South Park) to 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it appears that Harrison Ford will be returning for a fifth adventure as Indy. Speaking at the Deauville Film Fesitval where he was being honored, Ford said that he had come together with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and agreed on the plot outline for the fifth film and work is set to begin on the script. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch It!: George Lucas in Love

9 09 2009

George Lucas in LoveToday’s Watch It! segment is a bit of nostalgia. Geeks worldwide have an obligation to, at the very least, appreciate Star Wars (I’m not including the prequels here). It was a movie made in 1977 that completely revolutionized science fiction and filmmaking, amazing audiences worldwide and becoming one of the most successful films in history.

While many feel that Lucas wrote the script for the prequels the day before production, one does have to wonder what the thought process was going into creating such an expansive universe that has launched beyond film into multiple other mediums. Well, in 1999, Joe Nussbaum and Timothy Dowling asked the same question and wrote GeorgeĀ  Lucas in Love, the story of George Lucas and the inspiration behind Star Wars. The short is a must for all Star Wars fans, chock full of references to the series, and supremely well done. It is a bit longer than most of our segments, clocking in at about nine minutes, but it is well worth setting time aside for. Hit it after the jump and remember a time where Lucas was a filmmaker rather than a toy mogul.

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