Trailer: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

9 10 2009

The official trailer for Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant is out, and it looks every bit as ridiculous as I hoped it would. This is the role Nicolas Cage was born to play, and may even surpass his performance in the bear punching, women beating classic The Wicker Man. Eric was worried that the tagline made him, “imagine Nicolas Cage walking around his house alone with handcuffs on,” but after this trailer anything is possible. When you’ve made Xzibit look like the normal one, you’ve done your job sir. Bravo.

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Trailer: Gentlemen Broncos

13 08 2009

Gentleman BroncosFrom the creators of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre

Wow, I’m not sure that is the best way to start selling something. Sure, Napoleon was great for what it was, but time and endless quoting has reduced that movie to a smoldering pile of “shut the hell up” and “get a life.” As for Nacho… let’s just hope they learned a lesson about not spoiling all their jokes in marketing.

But now we have Gentleman Broncos, which should smack the bad taste of both films right out of your mouth. The film stars Jemaine Clement (who puts on a fantastic accent), Michael Angarano, Mike White, Jennifer Coolidge and Sam Rockwell (as a white-haired, lisping tranny). Check out the trailer in HD after the jump. You won’t regret it. Read the rest of this entry »