Oprah And Chris Rock Want To Be My Black Friend

6 10 2009

Oprah’s Harpo Films studio is developing the comedy Will You Be My Black Friend? with Chris Rock set to star. THR reports the movie is based on a November GQ article written by Devin Friedman who went on a quest for black friends on Craigslist. Lionsgate will be handling the distribution.

I love Chris Rock, but this sounds more like a decent skit than a movie. The article was an interesting premise, but when you’re looking at the way race plays out in the U.S., real life is always more interesting the fiction. Then again, if its anything like Larry David living with the Blacks on Curb Your Enthusiasm, I’m in. I could definitely watch 90 minutes of David and Leon, and Rock has been getting back to his sharp, biting wit of late, so maybe I’m selling this one short.


Watch It!: There Will Be Blood (The Rough Cut)

23 09 2009

There Will Be Blood

This is, of course, a film site, but that is not stopping us from getting excited about the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, that started this past Sunday, which will re-unite the actors from the greatest sitcom of all time: Seinfeld. Because rules must be followed, creative licensing must be taken to allow the show to find its way on to the site.

And today’s Watch It! is perfect.

It should be said that today’s video might contain a few spoilers to Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood, but I am fairly certain that if you haven’t seen the film that you wouldn’t be reading this site because you would be too busy trying to find time to watch There Will Be Blood. Without blathering on or ruining the video, it is quite surprising how music can change the mood of a film. Check it out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »