Over the last century – at least – the definition of “geek” has changed.

The word was first used in circus sideshow attractions, where the geek was a person who bit the heads off of live chickens. As this activity fell to the past (thank God) so did the archaic definition.

Then came the definition that was, for the longest time, maintained as the purist definition: the lonely, eccentric obsessive. The image became stereotype: hair parted down the middle; thick, black rimmed glasses held together with tape; acne everywhere; suspenders with high fastening pants; and no degree of athleticism to speak of. Synonyms such as nerd, poindexter and dork were associated. The geeks had nothing

But now things have changed. The geeks have separated themselves from the nerds, poindexters and dorks; the uniform has been shed and burned. Now, it is the geeks that have everything. It is no longer about obsessive eccentricities. It is about expertise. Geeks are those that are the best at what they do because they care about what they do. As former the former U.S. National Security Council’s chief counter-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke said during an appearance on ‘The Colbert Report’, “Geeks get it done.”

Do you follow a specific sports team? Do you love to cook? Do you spend a lot of your time writing or reading? Do you find joy in fashion? Do you take pride in your trips to foreign countries and, perhaps, learning about their history? Does you feel that the art of film helps us as a society, is a permanent part of our culture, and helps us all relate to each other? You’re a geek. Be proud.

We here at Geek on Film are proud to admit what we are: geeks. And we love every minute of it.

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