Full of Awesome: TRON Legacy Theme From Daft Punk

23 09 2009

Tron Legacy

Do you remember July 27th? Of course you don’t because TV has reduced the worldwide attention span to…oh look, a kitten. Sorry. Anyway, our fifth post EVER was a wrap up of the San Diego Comic-Con and one of the things we went over was the premiere of the trailer for TRON Legacy. In the two months since then, with the exception of a couple mentions here or there, nothing has come up about the project…until now…and its AWESOME.

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Kick-Ass Gets Looks For Distribution

11 08 2009


Pretend that you are at a bar. You are doing pretty well for yourself, sitting with a couple of friends, sipping your drink. Then, crashing through the door, is the most beautiful woman/handsome man you have ever seen in your life. You’ve heard all about her/him from your friends: she/he is new in town, is not only beautiful, but smart as well, and she is looking for someone to show her/him around town.

That beautiful woman/handsome man is named Kick-Ass and you are a major film studio. I’m sure you can figure out where this is going. From Risky Biz Blog: Read the rest of this entry »

Iron Man 2 Comic Con Reel

10 08 2009

Iron Man 2 bootleg

It certainly is a comic-book day.

I got in a bit of hot water last time I hosted some bootleg stuff from Comic-Con, but this time, instead of hosting, I’ll just share the love. Just as someone did for the Kick-Ass clips, somebody brought a camcorder to the Iron Man 2 panel and managed to get all of the footage that was shown (it was just a matter of time as to when this would show up). We probably aren’t that far off from seeing a teaser trailer, but if you are like me, you simply cannot wait any longer. Hit the jump to see five and a half minutes of glory from the highly anticipated film. The video isn’t great but you can tell what things are and hear most of what is said. And yes, that is War Machine  firing like a maniac at the end of the clip.

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Comic-Con Clips of Kick-Ass Posted

3 08 2009


Last week, in my Comic-Con wrap up post, I mentioned that some of the best stuff was seen during the Kick-Ass panel where they screened four never-before-seen clips from the film. Thanks to an audience member, we now have those,albeit bad quality, clips. Because I’ve read the comics, I may be able to give you some better background on what is going on in each scene. Here they are:

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Comic-Con Overview

27 07 2009

Comic Con

Unfortunately, because I live in New Jersey, making it out to San Diego for Comic Con wasn’t really an option, but it can no doubt be said that some of the coolest movie news comes out of Hall H in the span of a weekend than comes out in some months. That said, with the wrapping up of Comic Con yesterday, here are my favorite bits that came out over the course of the week.

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