Photo Dump: Avatar

8 10 2009


Spoiler Tv came through with some new high-resolution pics from Avatar that truly look incredible. I know this movie is getting all kinds of hype from everywhere but speaking for myself, I’m just that excited. There were an additional 20 minutes of footage that came out at Fantastic Fest that people are universally loving, and what I saw at Avatar Day and the footage from Comic-Con in real 3D is breathtaking. We won’t know for sure until December, but James Cameron’s track record I would expect this to live up to the hype. Photos after the break. Read the rest of this entry »


So Are 3D Movies A Gimmick?

18 09 2009

With the incredible recent popularity and profitability of 3D movies, the real unanswered question is of their long term viability. Right now there is no real consensus as to whether stereoscopic filmmaking will be the way of the future or just a gimmicky flavor of the month. Dreamworks head Jeffrey Katzenberg (looking a bit like Gonzo) laid out his vision for the industry’s future at the 3D Entertainment Summit that would see a rise in ticket prices as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Briefs: September 2nd

2 09 2009

– Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer is expected to announce the company will be ready to sell televisions capable of displaying 3D visuals by the end of 2010 according to the Financial Times. Eric already talked about James Cameron’s plans to bring his Real 3D to homes and it looks like that’s where the technology is going in the future. In addition to televisions, Sony will be making the Playstation 3 and Blu-ray players compatible with the technology as well. Read the rest of this entry »

James Cameron and Panasonic Are Bringing 3-D To You

25 08 2009

3DJames Cameron’s Avatar, as we learned last week, is facing a problem: in 3-D, it would appear that he has created a world of spectacle and wonder, using the technology that we have to its greatest levels. In 2-D, however, no matter what size the screen, Avatar looks like nothing more than Delgo 2. This could pose a huge financial risk for 20th Century Fox, as digital projection is not yet ubiquitous and the extra charge for for glasses that turns off frugal consumers (and in this economic climate, who could blame them?). Having worked with the technologies over the last decade, James Cameron is determined to expand the range of the new style and is now working with Panasonic to bring 3-D presentation, in conjunction with Blu-Ray,  into households. Read the rest of this entry »

Avatar Really Is The Future

24 08 2009

Clear your schedule on December 18th: you are going to see Avatar. I know the title comes off as fanboy hyperbole but we didn’t overstate things on twitter, as James Cameron’s pet project lives up to all the hype. Don’t bother watching the trailer online – this movie was meant to be seen in Imax 3D. Not five minutes after the Avatar day screening, we saw the official trailer in front of Inglorious Basterds (which you also need to see) in traditional 2D cinema, and could not believe it was the same movie. Read the rest of this entry »

Site Announcement: Happy Avatar Day!

20 08 2009

avatar wallpaper

Those that have been following this site know that we will be headed out to see the Avatar preview tomorrow. What you may not know is that the nearest IMAX theater is about an hour away, so we are going to have to be doing a bit of traveling. While we pride ourselves on our productivity with such small numbers, we are likely to not have any postings tomorrow spare maybe one or two (most likely our Watch It! and Weekend Preview segments).

The good news is that we will be regularly updating our twitter account with photos and updates from the premiere (our screening is in the heart of Times Square, New York so there should be some interesting sights). We will have our review of the material up on Monday plus all your other movie news needs, the weekend winners and our weekend review.

Have a great day tomorrow and if you are going to a screening, have a great time!

Photo Dump: Avatar

20 08 2009

Avatar - Cameron and WeaverTo go along with the trailer for Avatar that we just posted and to prepare for tomorrow’s quest, more photos from both behind-the-scenes and the film have shown up online. Frankly, I am amazed how fast all of this is going, as we only got the first photo from the film last week.

In addition to the characters seen in the trailer, these photos give us our first look at Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi and Michelle Rodriguez. Check them out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »