Jamie Foxx Working On Mike Tyson Biopic

9 10 2009

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx in an interview with MTV revealed he’s serious about bringing the life of former World Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson to the big screen. This has been one of those projects that has been rumored for years, but it seems like Foxx is kick starting it. In addition to making the rounds selling his interest in the project (with Tyson’s backing), but he wants to bring director Taylor Hackford on-board as well. Hackford directed Foxx in his Oscar-winning turn in Ray telling the story of legendary musician Ray Charles.

Foxx seemed to sympathize with the former boxer who is undergoing somewhat of a career revitalization in film.

“Look at society. Sometimes we put you up so high, and some people say it’s to get aim on you, but once you get up there it’s like: What do you do once you’re up there now?” Read the rest of this entry »


Jamie Foxx Signs On For ‘Due Date’

1 10 2009


Due Date just keeps sounding better and better as the days go by. We were interested when it was just Zach Galifianakis reteaming with Todd Phillips and recapturing some of that Hangover magic. We were pumped when Robert Downey Jr. and Michelle Monaghan signed up, bringing the chemistry from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and now we’re beyond excited that Jamie Foxx has joined the cast. Since nobody saw The Soloist audiences will be treated to Foxx and Downey as long-time friends. Read the rest of this entry »

The Hangover On DVD/Blu-Ray Dec. 15

25 09 2009


One of the summer’s surprise hits, and the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all-time, The Hangover is coming to DVD just in time for your bachelor party the holidays. Special features details after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

Michelle Monaghan Joins Phillips’ Due Date

18 09 2009


Playing the wife that Robert Downey Jr. needs to get home to before she gives birth, Michelle Monaghan has been cast in Todd Phillips’ follow up to The HangoverDue Date, also starring Zach Galifianakis. This is great news for two reasons: Read the rest of this entry »

Watch It!: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis Interviews Charlize Theron

8 09 2009

Between two Ferns

Everyone found out about the awesomeness that is Zach Galifianakis when they went to see The Hangover this summer, but even before that he started a series on Funny or Die called Between Two Ferns in which he performs the most awkward interviews you will find on the internet. Think “The Chris Farley Show” from SNL that allows cursing and instead of the host being in love with the subject, he can’t stand them. He has done six  episodes so far with actors like Michael Cera, Jon Hamm, and Natalie Portman, and today he has brought the beautiful Charlize Theron in and it is amazing for three reasons:

1)  Charlize Theron is super hot.

2)  Skinny dipping at wet thighs are discussed.

3) Charlize Theron is super hot.

Check out the video after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Ed Helms To Go Undercover

12 08 2009

ed-helmsLike Steve Carrell before him, former Daily Show correspondant Ed Helms is starting to get big. It started with being cast in The Office three years ago and made a huge jump when he got the co-star role in The Hangover, which currently stands as the highest grossing R-rated comedy of all time. With his next film The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard coming out this weekend, where he plays the main villain of the film, Universal has announced that he will take the lead  role in Central Intelligence, where he will play an accountant who is quickly thrown into the world of undercover operations after an old friend finds him onlineRead the rest of this entry »

RDJ Joins Galifianakis in Phillips’ Due Date

28 07 2009

Due Date

Variety is reporting that Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in director Todd Phillips’ Due Date. The film, which was announced shorty after The Hangover began to clean up at the box office, also stars Zach Galifianakis, the standout of the Vegas buddy movie. From Variety:

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