Is This Our A-Team Cast?

16 09 2009

The A Team

With the announcement of Rampage Jackson being cast as B.A. Baracus for the remake of The A-Team last week, the four-man soldiers of fortune team came one man closer to completion, the only key character missing being ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock, played by Dwight Schultz in the series. Now it is being reported that one of the breakout stars of this past summer may be close to landing the role as well as a pretty face to accompany them. Read the rest of this entry »


Weekend Winners

8 09 2009

Did we mention that September is a sucky time for movies? How else could The Final Destination be the first movie to take the top spot two weeks in a row since Transformers 2? Though it didn’t place, check out our review of Extract later today. Your three-day-weekend top five after the jump.

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Blomkamp Talks District 9 Sequel and Prequel

2 09 2009

Director Neill Blomkamp in an interview with Scifimoviepage shed some light on what ideas he’s working on to capitalize on his well deserved success. With the ending of this summer’s hit District 9 setting up perfectly for a follow-up, Blomkamp suggested that he might be interested in a prequel as well as a sequel. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch It!: 100 Years of Special Effects

28 08 2009

100 Years of Special EffectsWe’ve come a long way, baby. In recent weeks we have gotten to see some huge leaps in special effects, be it the extreme realism of the prawns in District 9 or the incredible Avatar preview in IMAX 3D, filming technology has come a long way since a hat could pop out of an easel in 1900. In fact, its hard to believe how incredible special effects were in the late 1960s and 1970s, when 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars amazed audiences nationwide.

To celebrate the feats of the film industry, YouTube user “bengraphics” put together a montage of 26 films from 1900 to 2008 that demonstrate how far visual effects have come, from The Enchanted Drawing to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The video not only shows the finished clips, but also shows the work behind the camera to demonstrate how it was done. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Winners

24 08 2009

As we predicted on Friday, Avatar Day pushed Inglourious Basterds to a $14 million opening night and an opening weekend that more than doubled the money received by its competitors. Check out the rest of the top five after the jump

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“The Hobbit” Rumors… In 3D

19 08 2009

According to the folks over at Martketsaw there are all sorts of big rumors coming from The Hobbit set to be directed by Guillermo del Toro and produced by Peter Jackson fresh off the success of District 9. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch It!: Alive in Joburg

19 08 2009

Alive in Joburg

We here at Geek on Film are still reeling from how terrific District 9 really was (check out our review here) and to celebrate, we have dug up the Neill Blomkamp short film “Alive in Joburg” which provided the base for District 9‘s story about aliens landing in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The 6:25 short film, in its documentary style, is similar to the first 15 minutes of District 9, and those concerned about spoilers need not be. While the graphics are not nearly as sharp (Blomkamp didn’t have $30 million to make the short) , “Alive in Joburg” has the same basic story and even an appearance from the film’s star, Sharto Copley, as a sniper. It is certainly worth a look whether you have seen District 9 or not, and if you haven’t, it may even provide a nice introduction to the world. Check it out after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »