Weekend Winners

24 08 2009

As we predicted on Friday, Avatar Day pushed Inglourious Basterds to a $14 million opening night and an opening weekend that more than doubled the money received by its competitors. Check out the rest of the top five after the jump

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Avatar Really Is The Future

24 08 2009

Clear your schedule on December 18th: you are going to see Avatar. I know the title comes off as fanboy hyperbole but we didn’t overstate things on twitter, as James Cameron’s pet project lives up to all the hype. Don’t bother watching the trailer online – this movie was meant to be seen in Imax 3D. Not five minutes after the Avatar day screening, we saw the official trailer in front of Inglorious Basterds (which you also need to see) in traditional 2D cinema, and could not believe it was the same movie. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Preview: It’s A Good Time To Be A Basterd

21 08 2009

Earlier this week, Tarantino was making a huff, saying that today was meant to be Inglourious Basterds day, not Avatar day. Count on him to stop complaining when everyone who has gone to the movies to see Avatar decides to stick around for a screening of his film. Analysts have predicted a $30 million weekend for the war film, but I think it will go a bit north of that. Your weekend preview is after the jump.

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Site Announcement: Happy Avatar Day!

20 08 2009

avatar wallpaper

Those that have been following this site know that we will be headed out to see the Avatar preview tomorrow. What you may not know is that the nearest IMAX theater is about an hour away, so we are going to have to be doing a bit of traveling. While we pride ourselves on our productivity with such small numbers, we are likely to not have any postings tomorrow spare maybe one or two (most likely our Watch It! and Weekend Preview segments).

The good news is that we will be regularly updating our twitter account with photos and updates from the premiere (our screening is in the heart of Times Square, New York so there should be some interesting sights). We will have our review of the material up on Monday plus all your other movie news needs, the weekend winners and our weekend review.

Have a great day tomorrow and if you are going to a screening, have a great time!

Geek on Film is Headed to Avatar Day!

17 08 2009
avatar wallpaper

An Avatar wallpaper for your troubles

Well, the whole experience was a living hell, filled with error messages and high traffic, but it all finally worked out. If the internet could make a sound, you would be able to hear fustrated screams on the International Space Station.

After much persistance, patience and head-against-wall banging, Geek on Film has gotten its tickets and will be in Times Square for the event. Check in on Saturday for a full outline of the event, the screening as well as thoughts and comments. I will also do my best to live blog through the twitter account, so if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us. Until tomorrow!

Reminder: Avatar Tickets Go Up At 3:00 EST (In 15 Minutes)

17 08 2009

Avatar Day

This is a friendly reminder that tickets for Avatar Day will be available at 3:00 EST today (12:00 PST) on the film’s official website. For those that don’t know, IMAX and digital theaters nationwide will be showing a 15-minute preview of the highly anticipated science-fiction epic with an introduction by James Cameron and advertisement for the videogame tie-in on August 21st (this upcoming Friday). Tickets are free!

Avatar Day Details Revealed!

13 08 2009

AvatarIf all the hype is lived up to, James Cameron’s Avatar is supposed to be a monumental achievement in film. In order to make more people aware of it, the panel at Comic Con revealed that they would be hosting an ‘Avatar Day’ at digital theaters nationwide on August 21st, where audiences will be able to see 16 minutes of the film, an unprecedented advertising move. Now, the Los Angeles Times’ blog Gold Derby has revealed what audiences may look forward to. Read the rest of this entry »