Viral??: Cloverfield 2?? (Part 2)

16 09 2009

Cloverfield 2

Last month we showed you what could possibly be the start of a viral campaign for Cloverfield 2. Three days ago, user abcharu21 put up a second video and it too, may be linked.

While the first video mostly contained images of fountains and Asian babies, this new one is a video of a girl in a gray hooded-sweatshirt talking into the camera about being excited to be in New York while images of soldiers can be seen spliced in. At the end of the video, it appears that the girl that has been talking is lying unconscious on the ground. Once again, this is not a verified video, but I will say that the quality is strangely high for an amateur. So we pose the question again: real or fake?

And just so you know, the translation of the title is:  “Establish – 0041.avi” in Japanese. Video after the jump.

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Viral: Rules to Survive Zombieland

10 09 2009


Despite having something like eight trailers already released, the people behind Zombieland, starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, have released a series of videos on their YouTube channel laying out some of the more important rules of survival. These rules include some already seen in the trailers, such as cardio and bathroom awareness, but also new ones, such as seatbelts, bowling balls and paper towels. You can check them all out over at their channel, or, if you are lazy, you can watch them all below. Read the rest of this entry »

Viral??: Cloverfield 2??

27 08 2009

Cloverfield 2

For all I know, this could simply be an experiment in editing rather than a hint that there is another Cloverfield on the way (hence all of the question marks), but seeing as the video is lighting up the switchboards on film blogs across the interwebs, I feel as though I should give it some attention.

Yesterday, YouTube user “abcharu21” uploaded a video titled “そこに何ですか?- R U THERE?” which contains random images of a triceratops fountain and an asian baby spliced together. The weird stuff starts happening 25 seconds in though, as the video starts to get shake and get fuzzy (sounds like Cloverfield to me) and a large blurry mass appears over the city. The person holding the camera begins to run and in the last few seconds, a street sign is shown with the word “Cloverfield” on it.

I personally don’t know what to think, but the video certainly is reminiscent of the viral campaign for the first film. What do you think? Real or fake? Check out the video after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Viral: Trailer For Nations Pride, Propaganda Film From Inglourious Basterds

5 08 2009

Nation's Pride

Considering that the film is due out in sixteen days (Counting? No I’m not counting), the marketing people are kind of getting to this a bit late – there is now a trailer for Nation’s Pride, a Nazi propaganda film that is at the center of the plot of Inglourious Basterds. The trailer was directed by Eli Roth, his second “trailer” for a Quentin Tarantino film and centers on Nazi sniper Fredrick Zoller (who is both a character in the propaganda film and the movie-within-a-movie, played by Daniel Brühl)

While I am eagerly waiting for the film, the trailer seems to go against one of the key things I am looking forward to in the film: Germans speaking German to other Germans. My fears may be for naught as they probably did not want to have to subtitle a one minute video, but it does rattle my cage slightly. Check it out after the jump: Read the rest of this entry »

Response From Stark Industries!

3 08 2009

Iron Man 2

(Yes, I already used this image today. And I don’t care)

Those that have been following my previous posts know that I have applied for a job at Stark Industries as part of their viral campaign. After filling out their job application on Thursday, I hadn’t heard anything from anybody. Today, however, I received this email from one Kay Baker:

Hey there!

Thank you so much for being one of the first people to apply for a job at Stark Industries. So far, the response has been incredible. You are among the best and brightest and your interest in joining our ranks is truly appreciated.

Already we have an overwhelming number of applicants and we plan to take our time thoroughly investigating each one. It may be a long process, but it is the only way to ensure that we find the absolute best candidates to work at Stark Industries.

We will contact you soon as we narrow down our selection.

All the best,
Kay Baker

My geeky brain is already spinning at the possibilities of where this may lead. I’ll be sure to constantly update the site on where the marketing is headed.

Viral: Has Launched

30 07 2009

Stark Industries Now

It is now more common than  not that a comic book/sci fi/action film will have a viral marketing scheme to go alongside it (see: The Dark Knight, District 9, TRON Legacy, etc). Now on that list, thanks to some digging from /Film‘s Peter Sciretta, includes Iron Man 2. Here are the details as to how the viral was launched at Comic-Con.

“You might not have noticed, but at Comic-Con Marvel launched a viral for Iron Man 2. For those of you who didn’t hit up the show floor, the Iron Man 2 section was set-up like Stark Industries, complete with “assistants” handing out business cards for those interested in a job. The cards directed con attendees to the website”

Now on the front page is what appears to be a coffee-stained press release from Tony Stark reading “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WE NO LONGER MAKE WEAPONS! SINCERELY, Tony Stark (Pepper, pls. post exactly as is!)” There is also a link where you can join Stark Industries by filling out an application. Love to see that in this economic climate that one company is still hiring. As a writer on this site, I feel obligated to apply and let you all know what happens.

Check out the site at